A wee little trip to Scotland

I had one day in between when I got back from Spain and left for Scotland. I was so excited for to see my family up there and see my mom and brother on Monday morning! The rest of my trip doesn’t have any breaks, which I don’t really mind because I know in the end I must go home. Mine as well try to do as much before I leave?

My mom brought me my phone with her Monday, but that meant I had to go the weekend without it. That was fine by me, until I realized that my train tickets were on an app on my phone. I tried to get the app on my laptop, download the tickets to print them, contact the company, and print out my itinerary to show the help desk: nothing worked. I asked how much the ticket would be, and it came out to be 145 pounds one way. I paid 95 pounds round trip when I bought them in March. So, thank goodness my mom was awake, because I texted her to download the app, log on for me, and send them to me. I have my apple ID hooked up to my laptop, so I was able to get the picture downloaded to scan there.

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Some pain in Spain

Anyone who follows me on social media knows that Barcelona did not exactly go as planned. I also do not have many photos and won’t until later so I might come back to add more. I am glad that I got the chance to visit Spain before I left, but it was not the easiest trip I’ve taken. Lets just say there were many ups and downs and I am just glad Lila and I had each other to get through it.

While in school, I did learn a bit of Spanish (probably not as much as I should have). I found that I could understand most of what people were telling me, but I could not respond but with a few words. For the most part, this wasn’t a huge problem, but it made some things more difficult than if it were to happen in London.

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How did I study abroad?

Growing up, my family liked to travel and take vacations when we could. We have been to places like Jamaica and the Bahamas, Florida (like everyone else in Michigan), Myrtle Beach, and Mexico. I grew up loving to travel and see different parts of the world, in my case North America.

Orientation at CMU was the first time I really thought about study abroad. A friend of mine and I were there together and we had to choose which information seminar we wanted to go to, and the least boring one was study abroad. I remember we both said that there was no way that we could afford it, but it did sound fun. That meeting really opened our eyes to the possibilities given to us at CMU to study abroad. Funny enough, I obviously studied abroad in London and she is going this summer to Italy to study. It’s kind of funny that it worked out that way.

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CMU girls in Greece

Greece is one of those dream vacation spots that you see all over Facebook, billboards in the airport, and scenery in computer backgrounds. It is a place filled with deep history, old ruins, beautiful beaches, and picturesque mountains. Most of the places I have
visited have not given me the ‘vacation feeling.’ I don’t really how to explain it, but my other trips so far don’t feel like vacation, but rather just a part of my every day life. I travel a lot, so its just become normal for me. But this is different. We spent 5 days in Athens and 5 days in Santorini. It was an experience I will never forget and I am so happy that I got to do it with the girls from Central.

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Italy: A penne for my thoughts

I’ve been so busy in the last month that I haven’t gotten a chance to write about anything! My classes finished on March 31st, and all of the papers and assignments are now finished and turned in with the exception of one more exam May 4th. I am pretty excited to finally be done with classes and just get to enjoy traveling with no worries. I have just a bit over a month left on this adventure and it just seems unreal. It honestly feels like just yesterday that I flew across the world to start this thing. Only a few more trips until I go home!

So, my mom flew all the way across the pond to travel to Italy with me. It was so great to see her other than on a tiny phone screen. I’ve always wanted to travel to Italy and it’s amazing that I was able to at such a young age. I figured it was a trip that I could afford when I was much older and out of college. Study abroad is amazing in the aspect of giving me opportunities to see things that I would only dream of seeing. Thank god I saved and worked so much, because it is worth every penny.

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Scotland: Myths and Mountains

Today I realized that I am just about halfway through this adventure, which is crazy and sad. It is really just flying by, and it feels like so long ago that I was driving through London for the first time.

Anyway, last weekend I made the trip up to Scotland! I feel like everywhere I go I think it’s the most beautiful place I have been too, but there is just something different about Scotland. The Highlands are in their own category, and these pictures do not do it justice.  The people were extremely nice and helpful, and I even got to see some family! It was an amazing trip, and I sincerely hope I have time to make it back up there before I head back home!

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Luck of the Irish🍀

Better late then never! I know I have taken a little break from writing, but I have been pretty busy here! Classes are starting to pick up and it taking lot of my time! And sorry for how long this is, but I just enjoyed Ireland so much I want to share everything!

I went to Ireland almost two weeks ago, and I am so happy that I am going back with my mom and brother. It was absolutely beautiful. The country side was so green, which surprised me for it only being February. It was everything you expect Ireland to be, but so much more. No, no one said “Top’a the morning’ to ya!” but I heard the phrase “Thanks a million” more than I could count. The people were as nice as could be and the accents were as charming as ever.

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